Location and Tips

Location and Tips

We are located on Lázaro beach in Ubatuba, just 200m from the sea! Neighboring 2 beautiful beaches, Sununga and Domingas Dias, and 15km from the city center. In addition, islands, trails and waterfalls are a separate attraction, as Ubatuba is surrounded by Serra do Mar and its lush Atlantic Forest.

Lázaro Beach

Located in the south of the city and a few meters from our establishment, Lázaro beach is the perfect destination for families. Because it does not contain high tide or rough seas, this beach is sought after by tourists in search of rest and tranquility. Tours to islands and other beaches in the area are also offered along the waterfront.

Dominga's Beach

By having calm waters, the beach Sundays days is ideal for water activities like SUP or Kayak. The crystal clear waters are breathtaking and as there are no kiosks it is the perfect destination to relax.

Sununga Beach

Known for the crying cave and for hosting a stage of the skimboarding world championship, Sununga beach is located between Lázaro and Domingas dias. It is the perfect destination for those who enjoy water sports and history.

07 Fontes Beach

Access to this beach is by boat from Lazarus and Pier do Saco beaches or through a trail with an approximate 01 hour walk. The name of the beach is because it conceals 07 sources of drinking water along its length. Enjoy a hidden paradise in the city and have unforgettable moments.

Anchieta Island

The second largest island in the state this island has seven beaches and eight trails and presents a stunning look. The prison ruins and a museum are also attractions offered by the island where you have access to historical and cultural information about Ubatuba. A must see and splendid ride. The reserved beaches. Access to the island is through the schooner, which is made available to our guests by an agency nearby the hotel.

Guarani Street

One of the main shopping centers in the city and a perfect option for night tours. Offers variety of shops and restaurants for you. Come and discover our gastronomy and typical shops in Ubatuba.

Ubatuba Aquarium

The first private aquarium open to the public in the country is just a few meters away! The Ubatuba Aquarium offers several activities for families, among them the “touch tank” concept where visitors, through contact with animals, can learn concepts of biology and preservation of the environment.

Tamar Project

Receiving an average of 100 thousand people annually, the Tamar Museum is, without a doubt, one of our greatest attractions. The cultural space values the culture of caiçara culture through 200 pieces and objects providing visitors with an immersion in Brazilian culture. Visiting hours: Sun. Thurs. from 10 am to 6 pm; Fri- Sat., public holidays and school holidays from 10 am to 8 pm. During the school season it closes on Wednesdays for maintenance

Grande Beach

Considered one of the busiest beaches in Ubatuba, Praia Grande is the most coveted and populous of the north coast. With its strong swell, Praia Grande has a fire department all year round, being over 2 miles long, it is very popular with tourists and visited by locals. The beachfront is surrounded by a large structure of kiosks and various types of merchants. At night, you can enjoy bike rentals, train rides, mini craft fair among other options for all tourism profiles.

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